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Called at 3 PM on Friday. Office said it would be $75 for visit and service man would be there between 5 and 7 PM but would call first.

Shortly after the service person called and said he would be here in 20 minutes and that the visit would be $95.

I called the office back and Janet said that she would call and tell him $75.

the service man walked in, did not introduce himself and said "what's wrong with the AC". I began to tell him the problem and he interrupted and said "How are you going to pay for the service visit, cash or credit?" I said cash and he extended his finger in a "give me" gesture. I started to get suspicious and said credit card. He said "Oh so you can dispute it?

I will take cash!". I then told him that I will pay with credit card and that he should leave. He took my card, rubbed the card info on a credit card bill form, I signed it and he filled out the paper work but wanted me to sign an agreement for services. I refused and just wanted the receipt for payment of the service visit.

He went off and told me he cancelled 14 calls to come to my house and flashed his Electrical inspector badge and said he didn't care about the company, that he was independent and walked out the door saying he was going to run the credit card and return with the receipt. Instead he drove off....There is so much more but I can't even continue.

Product or Service Mentioned: Waldron Electric Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $75.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I use the Guy and his company 3-4 times a year for my rentals, have had all postive experiences.


This Guy is a total ripoff..........I know him.....Plays big money at the do you think he can do that?


Lady Was Unstable



Upon arrival we only at first dealt with the Husband, then out of no where comes wife screaming and giving our technician a hard time over $20.00 that was already taken care of by the office and on the paper work when dealing with the husband.

Pa state laws make the business disclose and the consumer sign for all charges in advance+ in writing.

We disclosed the trip fee of $75.00, but she wanted to battle over a credit card or cash. The husband was fine but never said a word once the wife stepped in and started arguing over something that was already rectified and didn't want to hear that it was already taken care of. Then she calls the office and complains and tells the office girl to shut up.

The bottom line is we are there to help this customer, the wife appears from a back bedroom, became combative, argumentative, abusive, and we are not going to deal with customers abusing our staff.

We have been in business since 1987- 28 years, performed well over 100,000 service calls with satisfied customers that knew how to conduct themselves and received great service. Most Satisfied customers usually don't take the time to go to the internet to praise a company for good service.

This site has 13 complaints, more than half are inaccurate, untrue, have no merit,petty or can't be verified and they don't take happy customer reviews on this site so it is a loose loose for all businesses.

We suggest the wife take a Dell Carnegie course on how to treat people with respect and dignity. Just because you live in a big house and a beautiful neighborhood does not justify treating your service workers like there dirt. We do not want customer's like her.

It's bad for business. We are seeking pleasant happy customers that appreciate when a reputable company comes to their home and does work. We generally have great customers, but this one was a bad apple. Par for the course.

The other 14+/- people our technician/electrical inspector seen that day were respectful and fully satisfied. And yes he does work for the company, she was totally wrong in saying he is independent. Miserable people love to complain. Our prescription for this customer would be for the Wife to take the Dell Carnegie course, then Adopt a dog, (save a life )you will feel happiness again in your miserable life and treat people with respect as you go forward.

We are sorry that you seem so unhappy in life to have the only option to spread your miserable attitude and treat others like garbage. Waldron Electric


Response From Company:

We at Waldron Electric Work hard to satisfy our customer's needs.

This customer claimed she called at 3Pm and got a service man at 3:20 Pm.

That was in 20 min. and we did have several other a/c and electrical calls in front of her but we made special arrangements and her husband was very nice on the phone.

When our Electrical Inspector and Certified A/C repair technician arrived they were aware there would be a co-pay-aka trip fee of $75 to come out the home.This call was originally scheduled 5-7 PM as she said.

Our technician called prior to arrival and disclosed a $95 trip fee, the customer agreed, then contacted the office and it was corrected as we called the technician and told him the trip fee was at regular rate of $75 and he concurred and made the trip fee $75 prior to arrival on the invoice. Upon entry the husband and the technician discussed the issues with their a/c.

The trip fee must be disclosed by Pa law in writing therefore, all businesses in Pa need to have a consumer authorize in writing and agree to any further terms and conditions under the PA HIC laws. Our technician asked the customer to authorize the $75 and how they wanted to pay for it-cash or credit after spending time getting the run down from the husband that the thermostat could also be a problem.

We operate no different than a doctor's office, the trip fee-co-payment is authorized in writing if using a credit card or pay the trip fee in cash. The problems started when the wife came shooting out of the back room viciously, accusing us of overcharging her $20, when she didn't even read or (listen) when we were dealing with the husband, that $75 was acknowledged and we were charging him the $75 not $95.00. The A/C Technician sent is also an Electrical Inspector.

She instantly became unreasonably aggressive with him and demanded to see credentials and immediately challenged the credentials,and that he knew what he was doing. Screaming and treating him with total disrespect as the husband stood there and did not say a word. It is our policy that when a customer becomes rude, combative, aggressive, loud and acts unstable or screams at our technicians, were NOT servicing them. We leave as soon as we can exit.

Immediately. She became so volatile our technician left immediately and felt it was necessary to mail her a receipt due to her disrespect, misconduct, unexplained rage and aggression toward him and arguing/screaming. He was concerned that she had the capability to cause serious physical harm, therefore he reported to the office he was not returning to the home and the receipt for the trip fee of $75 was mailed from the office. Generally, we have very pleasant customers that are very happy that we could come 4 hours earlier than scheduled, and they appreciate our services and are happy to pay the bill.

Our good customers give full cooperation and the other 14+/- people Our technician serviced that day were very pleased and very pleasant and appreciative and they reached their goal, they go their problems solved. We would recommend that this customer attend a few Dell Carnegie Classes to learn how to treat people better, respectfully and learn how to act when people come to her house. Just because workers may not live in such as a big house as her, in a well groomed upscale neighborhood, does not give her the right to disrespect workers and display such egregious, threatening behavior. Moreover, most (but very few) people that are fully satisfied, don't take the time to post to the internet to proclaim how good of a job you have done for them in business, just the bad customers go to the internet to try to justify their ridiculous unjustified complaints that usually have no merit.

The bottom line here is we have been in business since 1987= (28 years) and have served over 100,000 satisfied customers in the residential and commercial Pittsburgh market need for electric, heating and cooling. We are going strong and growing and this site only has 13 bad customers complaining on it, and more than half of them we can't verify as legit. Were a professional company, we are legitimate, and we have the experience needed to solve your problems and give great fast service. All we ask is your cooperation and general respect to our staff and workers and we are happy to help you with your Problems.

Sincerely, Waldron Electric HVAC LLC.

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