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as i have stated before, waldron electric came to our house for an electrical issue. before they even looked at the problem they charged $75.00 to get here, and $850.00 just to look at the problem.

He looked at the issue and said it had to be a problem in the wall and the wire could catch on fire. Tested other outlets in room, went to the bathroom and said the Gfi outlet was bad and charged another 550.00 to replace that.

without fixing the problem of even giving a try he left with the estimate of $10,00 0 to $16,000 to replace the wiring in the house. We contacted a person who hires electricians to do work for them and got the name of a new electrician who came in assessed the problem, changed the wiring and charged about the same amount we had paid waldron electric $1525.00.

Product or Service Mentioned: Waldron Electric Repair.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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House was 110 years old and all the wires were falling apart and there was no gfi protection in the bathroom and it was wired wrong and bad, I had to move 2000 lbs of desks, file cabinets, clocks, ect which we electricans don't do.I told him he needs it retired, he asked how much to completely retire all the wiring in the house as it was crap. He didn't ask for the one circuit to be rewired like I recommended.They love to *** when they pay scabs not paying taxes on the side and not tell the entire story.


Company Response:

We have no record of such call, please send us a copy of the invoice, the date, the services requested , the invoice of the other electrician, and his registration number so we can research the matter to assist in the matter

Thank you,

Tom Waldron

Waldron Electric HVAC LLC.

to Tom Waldron #1437500

We found the customer, please read the above response. They want it all for nothing, their out of touch and lived like borders in our opinion as we had to move tons of furniture, documents ect.

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