Tom Waldron and Waldron Electric Co. was sued By the State Attorney General's Office in PA for violating consumer protection laws.

The suit filed by the PA State Attorney General against Tom Waldron and his companies stated that the "defendants failed to disclose fees, misrepresented that Waldron Electric and Electric USA are operated independently, performed services in an unworkmanlike manor, failed to provide the proper right of cancellation and failed to register a fictitious name." The defendants were ordered to pay $45,000 to the Commonwealth of PA which includes consumers who were wronged. More info at the Western PA BBB.

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The poster was correct: "In 2002, the state attorney general's office sued Mr. Waldron for violating the Consumer Protection Law by failing to disclose trip and diagnostic fees, requiring consumers to sign a waiver of their right to cancel even when an emergency didn't exist and performing services in an unworkmanlike manner.

The case was settled last April when Mr. Waldron and three of his electric companies -- Waldron Electric Co., WEC Electric Co. and Electric USA Inc. -- agreed to pay $41,376 in restitution to 94 consumers, $2,500 in civil penalties and $1,124 in costs."

Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/stories/sectionfront/life/electrician-zapped-for-overcharging-385930/#ixzz2aY5zkmtM


Please contact Warren King at the BBB and the PA State Attorney General's Office. Waldron Electric is still not in compliance with earlier court decree.

Still attempting to call everything an "emergency" and having consumers waive their rights to cancel.

Astronomical fees continue. Also shoddy workmanship.

to another ***sumer in Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #587294

Spoke to Warren from the BBB. Was told Waldron Electric has an "A" rating.

Waldron came out fixed the burning switches. No problem with them.

Work was fine./Quality. Prices were fair I thought. He is a State certified electrical inspector, how can the work be shoddy? Sounds like a competitor trying to make up things that are not accurate.

Why did you make me waste my time calling Warren from the BBB?

Their BBB report tells it all. Ya, and my burning switches were an emergency to me, I don't want government telling me I can't have work done for 4 days because its "not an emergency" and my six year old child burning her hand on the switches.

to another ***sumer in Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #650481

Poster above has posted inaccurate and false information. We believe this is a competitor.

An internal investigation and request for information is underway through this posting blog and is currently being handled by Waldron Electric's attorney's at this time. Legal proceeding may follow.


Anyone thinking of dealing with Waldron Electric, Electric USA, Three Rivers Electric, Speedy Electric or whatever new Company that is owned by the Waldron family, better contact the BBB and the Pensylvania Attorney General Office first. Enough said

to ***sumer from Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #587284

Last time I checked Waldron Electric had an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau. I read Waldren Electric Beat the attorney general bad so that complaint does not seem accurate. They showed me the court order they beat the Attorney general when they came to fix my electric box when I asked about it from reading this post. I called them after seeing them on TV commercials all the time, sponsoring animal shelters and all...

The way I see it, Bad people usually don't give their money away to help animals so I must say Waldren Electric is OK in my book.

I had the work done by them ,and asked them about it and they said the 3 day law to cancel work after it is done is flawed, after all, how do you cancel "AFTER" the work has been done and approved. Sounds like dirty politics.

I run a landscaping business and I would fight anyone that try's to make me work for free too. Some customer's are just bad customers. That would be like stealing the work and getting your money back/ Who wrote that law?

I have dealt with the BBB too.. and seen the 20/20 exposure on how the BBB allegedly operates (search utube BBB exposure 20/20) so If anyone can keep a positive rating on the BBB without being a paid member , then they have to be doing something right. I think it is funny They beat big government, glad someone finally did. Waldron Did a good Job for me, work was top notch.

Sam Z.

to Sam the Landscaper--Pgh Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #587290

My name is Amy and I sell pot holders door to door.

That 3 day law is crazy, people would buy my pot holders, use them for Christmas and ask for their money back. I refused and the Attorney General tried to bully me into refunding money for custom potholders. I went to the ACLU and the Attorney General Disappeared. I think it is nuts that a customer can steal a person's services use it, and get their money back and the small business must fight the Attorney General.

My lawyer told me I had to comply with this unfair 3 day law because it was a contract in the house, so I had to give back all the money they paid so the Attorney General would not sue me. So we did, the customer still has my custom pot holders. So, we sued the few bad customers in court and the court awarded me all the money back and found that the 3 day law is anti business. So in the end, I got paid for the work I did but I had to be buffaloed by the Attorney General.

I'm a single mother, with three children selling pots and pot holders legitimately and the government is a big bully. So, I don't agree with any actions from goverment until you know the entire story. I seen Waldron electric's commercials too. Any one that loved dogs is a good person.

to Sam the Landscaper--Pgh Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #649031

Had Waldron Electric do work for me several times, never had a problem with them, ans their work done for us by them has always been excellent. I believe he is an Electrician inspector, in fact I'm sure he is. Love the dog commercials.

Kent R.

From Pittsburgh

to ***sumer from Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #587297

We used Waldron electric. Satisfied.

I found Waldron Electric is owned by Waldron Electric. Corporation. One has nothing to do with the other.

Your giving us bad information. Electric USA is in Massachusetts and they are a national company and the BBB file does not support what your saying "consumer from Pittsburgh Sept 2-2010.

Just gota hate people that post bull ***, you waste people's time trying to make a decision, but I don't trust the internet and refuse to let the Net tell me who to buy from.

to ***sumer from Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #591762

All those named co.s have A+ BBB rating too. what's the point..your comments do not make any sense.

to ***sumer from Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #591763

Used Waldron ELECTRIC hundred times on my rentals..since1990...always shirred up..always good workers.

to ***sumer from Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #650477

i searched the BBB and they all showed A' Ratings, and very low complaints.


I've used Waldron Electric several times. I never had a problem with them

to John Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #587298

We used Waldron Electric several times too. They always do good work for us and we will continue to use them when needed for our rental property.

My organization has been using them for over ten years,Ever one in the housing plan uses them, I never hear anything bad.

Sam- Real estate

Million Dollar Seller

to John #587299

*** The BBB! *** the government!


to BOB Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #744957

For those of you who are not aware, the "contract" you sign specifically states that Tom will sue you if you report anything to the BBB. The BBB is not the source you want to use when researching Tom.

The information above concerning the attorney general is true and the terrible part is that only a small portion of proceeds were returned to the customers....

The fact that the company runs under different names and is owned by Tom or his wife should give you a heads up. Look at your paper work, the paper work has different names on each sheet.

Please note, no one has ever received a bad of dog food from Tom and if he can prove he has in fact donated food he should show us. This is fact - listen to the commercial and then call to see when they received the dog food.

Bottom line, if you have an emergency - you will be overcharged. If you don't have an emergency, Tom will say it is an emergency. He will tell you he has been sued and has won, he will threaten you and state he knows the law. Please note Tom is a paralegal and loves to write threatening letters.

to BE INFORMED Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #792308

Sounds to me that Be Informed is either a competitor or just has bad blood with Waldron. I have never used Waldron Electric but I want the best person to do my electric work.

My wife lost a brother and sister to bad electric work causing a house fire. I will check them out if ever need electric work. Too many people are true scam artist with not needing a license in PA. It takes a lot of schoolwork and knowledge to be a certified inspector.

If I went through the time and effort to learn and achieve the highest certification, I would charge more than less qualified people.

Besides, if I sign an agreement on the price of a job, how can I *** about the price afterward. Buyer beware!!

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