Called and they immed answered and offered to send someone out. $65.

They arrived and didn't even look at the problem but immed took my credit card. Then looked at problem and went to "check price with boss" (felt like I was buying a car). Came back with a "diagnostic" cost of $650 without even touching /checking anything. Then did another "let me talk to the boss" trip.

Totally ridiculous.

Bad enough that they took me for $65 just to pull into my driveway. I'm not paying for the cost of a whole car for an oil change!!!

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Bridgeville, Pennsylvania, United States #1270283

Maybe they lived like a fkn PIG and it stunk in the house and it had rats and cat *** all over the place. I wouldn't work for you, ida told you to get someone else.

I work for a Plumber and if these customers live in deplorable conditions I don't have to work in filth.

to Anonymous #1486394

I really hope this "review" is not from someone associated with the company in question.

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