Had Waldron Electric Out today to do some work.

I asked if they had Cutler Hammer circuit breakers and they replied they did.

All the lights were out in half the house.

I had another company come out and they could not find the problem and I paid "XYZ" company over $2500.00 to figure out the problem that they couldn't find.

I got the Waldron Electric company guys from TV and I figured, well the first guy could not find the problem from the other place, (he was like a one man band guy) So I wanted to call a real company, I called Waldron's.

The men from Waldron Electric Came out, ran some tests and found my problem. it cost me $210.00.

Im satisfied with Waldron Electric, they had the right machine to find my problem and send me competent workers. I just wish I would have called them first instead of the other guy.

Sidney P.

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Delta, Ohio, United States #1182496

Nice try Tom Waldron. We are not that ***.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #744927

You can bet, Tom Waldren wrote himself this lovely review. Please Google Tom Waldren Electric or any other company named Tom Waldren as there are several.

Please also contact the attorney general and Angie's list if you want a true evaluation of Tom's work. Stay far away from this company. Oh - and as for the commercials with Tom giving dog good to the shelters...

this has been researched, Tom has never given a bag of dog food to any shelter, but I am sure his dogs are fed well.

to A Random Act of Kindness Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #866910

Waldron Electric Was the Presenting sponsor of the 2013 Animal Rescue League In Pgh on October 12, 2013. Our Company currently bears our logo on the Animal Rescues League's Membership card.

We have done several commercials sponsoring the Animal Rescue league.

The above posting attempting to discredit company and Waldron, and is nothing but miss truths.

Dog food and generous donations outlined specifically for Canine health and medical can be confirmed for several years by calling our company.

During the dog food special, The majority of the dog food was donated to the Humane Society of Washington County, along with extensive electrical work donated to The Western Pa Humane Society and the Animal Rescue League of Pgh.

Any Questions or concerns can be addressed to The executive Director Dan Rossi of the Animal rescue League or our company, as to our outstanding relationship and regular donations to our main sponsor, the ARL in Pgh. PA.

Sincerely, Tom Waldron Electrical Inspector and President , Waldron Electric Please reviewThe below Videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVIzy2C4Cu0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EePxdQ53uhk

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