On a Sunday my 200A main breaker was hot and melting. I call Waldron they came out for $100 - a little steep but it was Sunday and an Emergency.

I paid 100 before they did anything. 450 for a "diagnostic" test ( other more reputable electricians say there is no such thing). With my panel board all taken apart, they ( the electrician had to keep calling his boss) started yelling at me, telling me my house was going to burn down and my family will die if I didn't spend 5,500 for new breakers or 7,500 for a new panel! When I said I was going to get another opinion things got worse.

In the end, I kicked them out of my house and lost 550. Got another electrician the next day who did the same job for 1,900. Everyone I've talked to, the power company, the electrical inspector, the Electrical Parts Wholesaler and every electrician in my area (Pittsburgh, pa) say they are notorious for intimidation, over-pricing and taking advantage of anyone they deal with. The actual electrician at my house was nice and totally qualified.

It was his boss, that he kept calling, that was not nice. If you find yourself in a scenario where the Electrician will not do anything first without contacting his boss, BEWARE!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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$7500 to replace panel??Sounds like a scam artist to me.

Bridgeville, Pennsylvania, United States #1270279

Company response;

You call us on Emergency Sunday call and then you want to *** about the price for emergency service on demand work?

Why didn't you call the other guy that did the work for $1900 the next day on a Sunday?

What? He didn't answer the phone?

He didn't stock your parts? He was on his Harley enjoying Sunday while we was there for you to do the work, answer the phone and able to fix it on a Sunday?

Give me a break.....your totally out of your mind.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #995005

I pressed "had same issue by mistake 2 x please redact back to only one .

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